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Sales: Chandlery

We are one of the largest ship chandlers specializing in all types of Marine Equipments and Life saving appliances to the latest IMO SOLAS regulations. We also offer products certified and approved by DG Shipping and I.R.S. The list of products are as under:-

  • Life Jackets: Put safety first when you are onboard with life jackets and vests from India Boating. One can shop the selection of inflatable life jackets, kids life jackets, watersports life jackets, fishing & boating life jackets.
  • Marine Electronics: Get a serious advantage over the depths with marine electronics from India Boating. Shop sonars, sonar and GPS combos, underwater cameras, sonar accessories, VHF radios, stereos, temperature and depth sensors, switches and fuse blocks, antennas and antenna accessories plus electronics designed for big boats as well as small boats.
  • Fender, Mooring, Anchor & Buoy: India Boating sells a wide variety of anchoring, mooring and docking products at discount pricing. Our offering includes white boat fenders, blue boat fenders, boat bumpers, fender hangers, boat dock cushions, dock guard strips, corner dock guards, mooring bouys, anchors, anchor chain & hardware plus many other dock/mooring components.
  • Marine Generators: Recreational vehicles need to be ready for all types of conditions, such as rough terrain, altitude changes, and extreme weather. Marine vessels are constantly exposed to corrosive salt water, and a variety of water and weather conditions. Marine generators are required to perform in all of these conditions, keeping the internal systems functioning, the AC and appliances running, and even your laptop and electronics powered. Marine adventures demand generators that perform. The service technicians at India Boating understand the unique requirements of recreational vehicles and marine crafts, and have the extensive training and experience to keep your quality marine generators in proper working condition.

    You can trust the experienced and specially trained team at India Boating to:
    - Professionally evaluate your recreational vehicle and marine vessel system requirements,
    - Carefully factor in your additional kilowatt usage needs,
    - Match your fuel, size, and performance needs with quality, reliable generators from trusted manufacturers, such as Kohler, Cummins / Onan, and Powertech, and
    - Install, service, repair, and maintain the ideal generators for your RV and marine craft.
  • Marine Ropes: Ropes are an essential part of boating but sometimes it can be hard working out what you need. We Stock Ropes which offer some of the best performing ropes on the market for almost any application.

We offer you seamless eyes on the end of your ropes to suit any application form mooring lines to halyards.

  • Marine Sealants & Adhesives: India Boating offers quality Marine Sealants & Adhesives at competitive prices. We sell trusted brands including 3M, Loctite, Permatex, Devcon, Hardman and several others. We stock a variety of threadlockers, instant adhesives, epoxies, anti-seize, adhesive dispensing products and more.
  • Marine Paints & Antifouling: Anti-fouling paint or bottom paint is a specialized covering applied to the hull of a boat, designed to slow the growth of organisms that would attach to the hull and affect performance and durability. Other types of coatings can act as a barrier against corrosion on metal hulls, or improve water flow past the hull of a high-performance racing yacht. Years ago, boat builders used copper sheets nailed to the hulls of vessels. Today Coppercoat uses an epoxy resin to permanently attach copper particles to the hull of boats, helping to prevent marine growth for ten years or more. The most important brands for the maintenance topsides and the hull as International Yacht Paint, Jotun & 3M to paint, resining and protect the hull from marine fouling.
  • Marine Fabric & Covers: Protect your boat when not in use with boat covers from India Boating. Shop custom boat covers, semi-custom covers, Bimini tops, pontoon tops, outboard motor covers and boat cover accessories all at India Boating.
  • Sail Boat Accessories & Hardware: Due to the nature of using the wind for power, a sailboat’s hardware endures a lot more stress and strain than a powerboat of comparable size. Over the years, all this hard work takes its toll and things start to wear out or fail—not a good thing. We pride ourselves on having the toughest gear on the water that will always stand up to the rigors of the marine environment. We sell – blocks, cleats, mast hardware, deck hardware, rudder hardware, shackles, winch handle, chocks, etc…
  • HDPE Floating Dock & Jetty
  • Synthetic Teak Decking & Rub rails
  • Lubricants – Engine Oil, Gear Oil: Keep your boat up and running properly with oil, lubes and fuel additives from India Boating. Shop fuel stabilizer, two-cycle oil, steering fluid, fogging oil, grease guns, oil extractors, lubricant and measuring containers and pumps all at India Boating.